All our paletas are made by hand in small batches using only the good stuff. What's the good stuff? Most of the time it's local and organic, as the best stuff usually is. Sometimes it's not– alas, coconuts do not grow in Texas, nor do coffee beans or tea bushes. But we take our produce seriously. Sometimes we go out and forage for the ingredients ourselves (for real). Occasionally – if we're lucky– we're able to pull the herbs we need straight from our own garden. Rest assured, we are borderline psychotic about what we put in our paletas. 

That being said, we are also crazy about what we don't put in our pops; no GMOS, no commercial stabilizers, and no preservatives. 

To date there have been more than a hundred flavors, but here are some we made last season: 

And probably some we forgot. 

We are thrilled to receive flavor suggestions and are able and willing to create new flavors. 

We also care about the environemt so we use eco friendly packaging. Our wrappers are 100% COMPOSTABLE and we use PURE Labels for our 100% biodegradable/recycled/recyclable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters!